Privacy Policy at AIS Sprog

At AIS Sprog your privacy is important, and we take our responsibility regarding the security of your personal information very seriously and do not forward it to anyone, in whom we have no trust, or we believe has no natural requirement of it.

The personal information of our teachers, translators, reviewers, interpreters, cultural training instructors, and others who provide us with any kind of teaching, service or performance, we pass on to payroll- and payment processors and to our customers and students, so that they can communicate and work together.

Information about our customers, participants and collaborators is recorded on a customer information sheet. For each company, customer or collaborator, we have an electronic customer information sheet, on which we write and collect as much relevant information as possible. Based on this data, we prepare mailing lists, which we split up, either by customer groups or by areas of interest.

After each mailing, we delete names on our list who have not been reached by our information and also the names of those who no longer wish to receive our news.