English Speaking for Chinese Staff at DTU


The aim of the course is to improve the participants’ spoken English for use in everyday situations, their studies, research, and when giving presentations.

Target Group

Chinese PhD students, researchers, and other Chinese DTU staff members. The course is designed for participants whose English is at least at intermediate level, i.e. B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The course focuses on building the students’ confidence when speaking English and includes pronunciation and phonetic training. During the course, the participants will be given the opportunity to practise their English speaking when giving presentations and their skills in public speaking through class and group exercises. The course will cover the aspects of grammar and punctuation necessary for communicating clearly when speaking English.

Placement Test

Before the course begins, all participants are required to take the Oxford Placement Test to assess their level of English.

Number of participants

We recommend a maximum of 8 participants per class.

Course certificate

Participants who attend a minimum of 80 per cent of the class sessions will receive a course certificate on completion of the course.


A native English language instructor from the staff of AIS Sprog

Course materials

All course material will be provided by AIS Sprog.


For example, 10 Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. at DTU in Lyngby.


DKK 18,300 excluding VAT. Textbooks and course materials are included in price.

Registration or More Information

To register for the course or receive further information, please contact AIS Sprog directly at ais@ais-sprog.dk, or call us