Richard R. Gesteland

Richard R. Gesteland.

AIS Sprog has worked closely with Richard R. Gesteland since 2003.
Richard lives in Wisconsin, USA. Since 1993 he has performed research into business cultures and conducted training for global companies world-wide. He is the author of the bestseller “Cross-Cultural Business Behavior: A Guide for Global Management”, which is published by Copenhagen Business School Press.

The book explains his five cultural patterns, which are based on his own experience, and contains 43 country profiles. The book has been translated into seven languages, and the country profiles are also available as an app.

Richard has 30 years of cross-cultural leadership experience as a divisional director stationed in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Selected publications:

Richard R. Gesteland: Cross-Cultural Business Behavior – A Guide for Global Management. 5th edition. 2012

Richard R. Gesteland and Mary C. Gesteland: India – Cross-Cultural Business Behavior – For Business People, Expatriates and Scholars. 2010.

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