Being the oldest privately-owned language school in Denmark, our staff of teachers has many years of experience in teaching Danish to people from many different countries.

Introduction to Denmark and the Danes

For newcomers who are here to work or study.


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Perfect Academic English

Theses, journal articles, posters for conferences, job and grant applications, etc

Cross-cultural training

For employees and managers who work in cross-cultural environments or who are to be stationed abroad.

Language training for children and teenagers

Preparing to live abroad. Help with homework and preparation for exams

Voice-overs and audio services

Looking for the ideal voice? And/or music? Sounds good? Then click here now!

Proofreading and editing

In all disciplines.

oxford placement test

Oxford Placement Test

For any student interested in learning English, AIS Sprog offers Oxford Placement Test in order to evaluate their skills.

News and Topical


We can help put your text into perfect English

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