We are about to complete the spring courses and have received some very positive remarks from the about 40 participants. Here are some of them:

“Many thanks for all your useful advice in the course. I will strongly recommend it to my colleagues”.

–  from Alfredo José Ojeda Diaz, DTU Management.


“Thank you for a really nice course. You did a very good job”.       

–        from Jakob Meinertz Grønvald, DTU Construct


“The course provided comprehensive insights into the various aspects of scientific article writing, including structuring, language usage, and effective presentation of research findings. The practical exercises and examples shared were particularly helpful in understanding the nuances of the scientific writing process. I feel much more confident now in my ability to communicate my research effectively through written articles and provision of timely feedback on assignments greatly enhanced the learning experience”.       

–        from Divya Dharshini Uma Shankar, DTU Biosustain 


“I want to say a big thank you for teaching this course to us. It’s been an incredible learning journey, and I truly appreciate your passion and expertise”.     

–     from Amin Hasanpour, DTU Compute


“It was a very useful course, and it made writing easier and more structured. I will probably have to work more on the academic English, but it was good practice”.        

–     from Florina-Elena Comanici, DTU Chemical Engineering


“I really enjoyed the course. During the course, I was writing a paper that we are submitting for a conference. I could notice a clear improvement in my writing. The course was very worthwhile and added value to my PhD    

–     from João Victor Galvão da Mata, DTU Compute