Quick and effective teaching of Danish

  • For employees and private people who have come to Denmark to work or study

Types of instruction

Number of lessons

From the beginning of your course you decide how many lessons you want to start with or in total. From the page about prices you will see that our lessons are of 45 minutes each.

When planning your course you will decide with your teacher how long time you would like for each class. For one-to-one teaching 1ยฝ hours per class is the most common.

For groups of 2 and up to 12 people or more we will plan the number of classes before the start of the course.


Tell us what you would like by completing our questionnaire. Together we map out your starting level and your language learning goals. AIS Sprog uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages scale (CEFR scale) to determine language skills and learning objectives, and to select suitable books and materials for our students. See AIS Sprog, Language Proficiency Profile (pdf).

Our Teachers

Whenever possible we teach our students Danish from their native or first foreign language.

Teaching Materials

For the pre-course meeting we will bring a variety of books and other teaching materials and together decide which things will be the best for the student/s in question.

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