Quick and effective French teaching

Whether you are relocating to a French speaking country, working with French speaking colleagues or clients, or need to communicate more fluently with a partner and their family, our personalized French lessons will focus solely on your needs and interests.

Types of instruction


Tell us what you would like to focus on by completing our questionnaire.

To assess your level of French, we will use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). To set goals for your course, we will use AIS Sprogโ€™s Language Proficiency Profile (pdf).

Pre-Course Meeting

Whenever possible, we like to offer a free pre-course meeting in person or online so that we can plan our teaching in the best way possible and understand the needs and requirements of our customers in detail. At this meeting, you will meet the teacher who has been selected for you and be able to browse books and teaching material that we assume will be suitable for your purpose.

Number of lessons

Before the start of the course, you will decide how many lessons you would like to have in total or to begin with. On our page about prices, you will find our terms and prices and see that our lessons are calculated per 45 minutes.

Our teachers

Our teachers are either native speakers or experienced native-level speakers.

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